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Dear Readers!
Welcome to the website of the scholarly journal
«Uchönyje zapiski Rossijskoj Academii Musyki imeni Gnesinykh»

Journal founder and publisher
the Russian Gnesins Academy of Music

The Russian Gnesins’ Academy of Music began its publishing activity immediately after its founding in the early post-World War II period. Over the 70 years since then it has issued over 500 scholarly publications, including monographs, conference proceedings and collections of scholarly articles. A list of Academy publications since 2007 can be accessed on the main site.

The Russian Gnesins’ Academy has published the journal «Uchönyje zapiski Rossijskoj Academii Musyki imeni Gnesinykh» since april 2012.

The journal publishes:

  • articles on current issues of contemporary musicology and musical pedagogy;
  • the latest research findings from Russian music specialists;
  • records of world musical scholarship;
  • translations of works by foreign authors of the 20th-21st centuries;
  • reviews of new books about music.

The journal accepts for publication previously unpublished articles whose theme comes under the subject heading Art Studies (17.00.00).

Publication of an article is free.

Editor-in-Chief – Doctor of Art Studies, Prof.
Irina Samoilovna Stogniy

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