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Why is Venture X so prized? Discussion I don't have any capital one card to compare cap portal with direct airlines. This my one current. The Venture one is one of the most useless cards you can get. It's only purpose to have a no annual fee card to downgrade a normal Venture into. Capital One Venture X has a net zero annual fee. This makes it a no brainer for anyone that may be having trouble finding value in a premium. I just signed up for the card because I have a handful of accounts already with CO (one checking, one high yield savings and one quicksilver. Both cards charge an annual fee of $ However, the Venture also comes with a Global Entry/TSA Pre-Check statement credit, worth $ every 4.

Venture One is a downgrade earning-wise unless Capital One has a transfer partner that's of interest to you. Otherwise you're getting % cash. But ya, overall the the AF and the benefits have been great. I have already used the $ Cap 1 portal credit, $ airbnb + $ GE/TSA for a. Has anyone here had success redeeming Capital One Venture points? I've had the card for nearly a year and believe the best option is to just. Capital one is the worst. I've reached out to customer support about refunds I received after paying off my card but Everytime I'm on hold for. Which makes sense, I'd expect a decent travel card to give me 2% cashback, especially since my Capital One Quicksilver gives % and the. Am i understanding everything right about the Capital One Venture card? · Yes · You get 5x for flights · Transferring your points is way better. If you spend more than $/year on travel, the Venture X beats the Venture in every way. The only time the Venture is worth it is if you. Capital One has a no risk pre-approval process that works on most of their cards so you can see if you are approved before you commit to. I feel like it's way better than capital ones, which I also use. I tried to cancel a capital one card recently so i could open a different one. A warning about Capital One Venture card Hi all, just thought I should drop this post in case someone does research on this card before. Avoid capital one. Predatory autopay, their rewards are average and trying to cash them out can be tricky, theyre VERY stingy with credit limits.

Clarity regarding the Venture X's attractiveness. Discussion I was going to apply but somebody on another Reddit Maybe if they add a capital. It's worth it for the SUB. It's worth it for the benefits and points if you can spend $/yr in the portal and use accumulated points on travel. How's the Capital One Venture Rewards card? Earn unlimited 2X miles per dollar on every purchase and 50, miles once you spend $3, on. If a good portion of your spending revolves around grocery stores, dining, and entertainment then go for the Capital One Savor One as these are. The SavorOne is a great card and when you do get a Venture or Venture X, the cashback will be convertible (although who knows if the points will. discussion about using Looking at: CFU, venture one, discover it. Okay Will getting another credit card with Capital One increase my chances of getting VX? In fact, in most cases, the Venture X is cheaper to carry than the mid-tier Venture. The Capital One portal also has price match, so you can get. It's the Venture X that gets 5x points on flights and 10x points on hotels and rental cars. Yes, the way to get the most value out of the miles. I just now got the capital one venture card! I (sadly) will spend $10k in 6 months, besides that, what else should I do to get the MOST out of.

Ok so you can get a cash value on a flight booking (if you can find one) but I've decided I prefer the flexibility of the Chase system and have. 2x miles is better than most travel cards. Capital one lounge- better than the Amex lounge at DFW. Easily get $50 in free stuff when we're in. The Venture X is a free lounge access card for me. Not having to pay for airport food saves me so much money when travelling, that alone makes. Venture Rewards (Capital One) · The rate to cash out Capital One miles is terrible. It's cpp, meaning 75k miles cashed out directly is only. I cant help but feel capital one is gonna lose money on the VX and it'll be the same thing. They lose some money on these cards for a few years.

Capital One Venture X Approval Chance/DP · Inputs: travel rewards and new member offers · General C1: Quicksilver Rewards for Good Credit. Applied for the venture one travel card and got approved! The sign up bonus mentioned 40, miles after $ made in purchase made in the.

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